Combat Cardio


Wednesday – 8pm to 9pm.

Founded by Ross Anderson and Bob Dooner, North Berwick Combat Cardio is also known as ‘JaBoOG’ (Just a Bunch of Old Gits!) by some of the longstanding regulars. 🙂

Ross has been a member of Dunbar Self Defence (“DSD”) for over fifteen years and is now also one of the instructors there:

DSD Website:


Bob also used to attend DSD regularly and this class came about after Bob had a stroke. During recovery Bob wanted to try a return to some pad striking drills to see if he could improve fine motor skills on his weaker side. After a couple of sessions, word got out and this turned into a wider group session – it’s now five years on and we’re still going strong!

This is a very informal class with a wide range of age and fitness levels (youngest is 20 and oldest is 66!). Exercises use a mix of focus mitts, medicine balls and some mat based drills for core strengthening (not all used in every session). Programmes are run in four-week blocks so that self-improvement can be gauged – this also allows the future programmes to be varied/tailored to fit the needs of the more regular attendees.

The only person challenging you is yourself – leave your ego at the door, come in and do what you can… 🙂

For more information please don’t hesitate to call Ross on 07900 833 787