Lip-reading Group

Wednesday 9.45am to 12.15pm

What do we do?

  • We learn to recognise the lip shapes of many sounds.
  • We work in pairs to practice spotting these shapes in everyday speech.
  • We work through exercises to improve our quick recognition of these lip shapes.
  • We work to improve our memories.
  • We lip-read short stories written in everyday language.
  • We learn coping strategies for situations like attending a hospital appointments or travelling via airport or station.
  • We develop skills in effective communication

We do a lot of work in pairs, always ensuring that our partner can see our lips and being aware of the need to re-phrase what we are saying, if necessary.

We enjoy a coffee break about halfway through each session. This gives us a break from the intense concentration need for lip-reading. It also provides an opportunity to chat with others and the ‘background noise’ generated presents us with a good lip-reading challenge!

The classes help to boost our self confidence, helping us to communicate more easily with friends, family and the wider community.

At present the North Berwick group has 16 members enrolled, with the average weekly attendance around 14.

Classes are open to anyone over 16 years with an acquired hearing loss. The group is relaxed, friendly and very welcoming.