Monday 12pm to 2pm

Upswing North Berwick is a weekly, community led, peer support group for those of us living with depression or anxiety. It is a free forum to share experiences and learn from each other.
Those interested do not have to attend every week nor do they have to stay for the full meeting. Apart from introducing oneself, you do not have to speak if you do not feel like it.

Upswing NB is not a medical service provider; they cannot and will not give you medical advice, or recommend methods of treatment. What they can do however, is talk about their experiences living with these conditions and through these discussions provide further insights and support those of us feeling isolated and separated by it.

A quote from one of the attendees:

“Having the group has made a huge difference to my life in such a short time. The idea that I can discuss things openly each week and even express myself in the moment on the WhatsApp group makes it easier to deal with problems as they come up. The support has been amazing; the group is so understanding and supportive of our progress. It has become a safety net for me.”

All are welcome; you do not have to “be” anything to attend.